Event and sport mascot

A sport mascot is an ambassador your team, your club and your fans.

FCK fest med maskotten Leo

Leo is well-known mascot in Denmark. And he is made at Ibsens Fabrikker.

A sport mascot is the happy and fun face of the club. It appeals both to the children and the adults, and ensures a close connection between the club and the fans.

A mascot can give your club and your team possibilities like:

– A children’s club

– Events

– Eye-catchers in communication and advertising

– Merchandise sale for example replications of your mascot as a teddy

When Ibsens Fabrikker develop a mascot, we do it in close cooperation with the client. In some cases, the client already has an idea for a mascot, and in other cases we were there from scratch and developed suggestions for mascots with drawings and ideas for names.

Move your body

Ditlev Dunk - the best basket mascot in Denmark.

Ibsens Fabrikker have developed and produced a number of soccer mascots and mascots for other sports like basketball and handball.

It’s always a pleasure getting to excite the fans of the club by developing a mascot with the right expression.

A sport mascot is in a league of its own. They “fight” each other on the sidelines and usually have a bit of edge to them. A cute “teddy bear” as a soccer mascot – it just won’t do.

When we produce a mascot for a fan club or a sports club, we have some points we try to focus on:

– The costume has to be easy to move around in and it has to possible to dance with on.

– The mascots facial expression should be a little “crazy”. A sport mascot has to excite the fans and scare the opponents.

These clubs and organisations own mascots from Ibsens Fabrikker.

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