Swedish football mascot

A football mascot represents the club in various way. It’s an important job.

Sports clubs across the world use different mascots as landmarks for their clubs. Mascots create an atmosphere during the games, rooting for their teams.

At the same time, mascots are really great for enthusing young football fans and encourage the beginning interest in football.

The football mascot Miniblå recently moved in with the successful football club Malmö FF, a part of the Allsvenskan – Sweden’s best league.

The club uses light blue colours and generally have a theme about sky and clouds, and therefore the mascot is also very naturally created as a small cloud with arms and legs and big blue eyes.

The task was solved in close cooperation with our customer through drawings and photographs from the production of the mascot.

Shortly after, we sent the football mascot Miniblå to Sweden, where he has attracted great joy and has already participated in many games and other events. Miniblå is also the name of the club’s football club for children, and the mascot here plays a very important part in effecting fan information, parties, merchandise and more.

A costume like the mascot Miniblå is composed of socks, shorts, one size shoes, a head with arms, and gloves. 

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