Famous licensed characters

Familiar characters in marketing.

We always have a little more butterflies in the stomach when we manufacture licensed characters as mascots. Those characters are always established and described down to the smallest detail.

We almost spent half a year producing the perfect Rasmus Klump mascot in close collaboration with Egmont.

We understand and respect that these characters are the most important things in the world for our clients. Simply, they are their product.

Collaboration with Egmont

In 2010 Ibsens Fabrikker, became the licensee and partner with the Egmont concern regarding the production of the Rasmus Klump costume and glass fiber figure.

Egmont is a Scandinavian media corporation. They have the ownership of characters like Rasmus Klump (or Rasmus Lump).

We see it as a good service to stock up on our clients mascots – so they don’t have to wait four to six weeks for the costume to be made.

Our clients often have a code of conduct and we will always live up to all requirements regarding social, ethical and environmental requirements.

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