Product and brand mascot

A brand mascot is a great eye-catcher.

Brand mascot

A professional brand mascot will make the audience smile at your brand.

Attract extra attention to your product with a product mascot and use it for promotion, events, instore promotion, fairs and much more, perhaps as a crazy publicity stunt.

A product mascot is basically just a magnification and personification of your product, but the effect is overwhelming! The attention you get with a product mascot is impressive compared to other marketing efforts.

Virtually anything can be done as a product mascot. Your investment in a product mascot will seem infinitely small compared with the effect you will experience.

A popular alternative is a regular cardboard sign in the stores. Sure, it’s the cheaper alternative. Way cheaper. But it doesn’t attract attention or turn heads. Which is the case with a brand mascot. Who doesn’t turn their head to see a walking ice cream, croissant or anything els?

Chocolate bars, containers, tubs, buckets, tubes, wrappers and boxes can all be turned into costumes and product mascots, and a silly face and eyes might be added to make the costume even more vivid and personal.

With a product mascot it is easy to connect to your customers, and half the sale is already done. You already made an impact. 

Evin from Ecco - from drawing to reality

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