Giant inflatable logo filled with air for AQUA’s tour

Giant logo inflated with air helped achieve the real 90's atmosphere on AQUA's 2018 summer tour.

Giant inflatable logo

Giant inflatable logo produced for the poptrio AQUA

A giant logo does not need to have sharp edges. Sometimes it has to be a bit more fluffy and cartoonish. Who doesn’t remember the music video from AQUA’s mega hit “Barbie Girl”? Everything in the video was made out to look like it took place in a world that the toys manufacturer Mattel had produced. AQUA – now reduced to a trio – wanted to recreate this fantasy world live on stage.

Ibsens Fabrikker produced the 6 meters long giant logos that are used on both the danish and international tour. Each logo is 6 meters long and completly airproof. It was important AQUA’s crew, that the giant logos did not need power during the concert. Furthermore the PVC material that these balloons are made of had to be flame retardant.

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Exposition balloon shaped like AQUA's logo

Exposition balloon shaped like AQUA's logo

If your inflatable giant logo doesn’t have to be shaped, then our giant helium balloons is the right solution. These giant balloons can be filled with helium and float over your event area – with your logo on it!

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Watch this video showcasing how you fill a giant balloon with helium :

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30. May 2018