Reminders for promotional balloons and blimps with helium

Large promotional balloons and blimps with helium and logo

Large floating promotional balloon as an eye-catcher for your event

Here at Luftfabrikken we’ve designed and produced these eyecatching, floating and helium filled promotional balloons since 2005. We experience that our customers ask the same questions and they have the same worries, when they’re going to use floating advertising products in their marketing. Because of that we’ve chosen to write this post.

Keep an eye on the weather reports
In a storm you should take your floating commercial products down. A blimp filled with helium will fly uncontrolled from side to side and in a powerful storm it’ll fly directly towards the ground with great power.

Can your inflatable helium products be used repeatedly?
Yes, no  and prehaps. We also use floating helium balloons (three metres in diameter) at our showroom in Pandrup, Denmark. Some of our ballons are two and three years old. We never leave our helium balloons outside floating, when we clock out. They’re moved into the showroom at night. If we didn’t do this, they’d probably be vandalized at some point.

Don’t leave it hanging!
One of the most misunderstood things is that giant balloons can be filled with helium, sent up towards the sky and left floating several metres off the ground forever. It can’t! Helium “shrinks” and no balloon is totally airproof. Therefore a helium balloon needs to be refilled two og three times in a week.

What’s it made of?
These giant balloons cannot be compared to regular balloons that says bang, when you poke them with a needle. We use two types of materials, when we manufacture blimps and giant balloons. We recommend PVC, when you use promotional balloons for a short time – like events stretched over a few days. The other material, TPU, is used if you want your floating commercial products to last longer and you want to be able to use them in longer periods of time.

But  don’t be fooled. Both types of material can be penetrated by a sharp item if you aren’t careful, when putting it up and taking it down.

Do I get helium with my blimp or giant balloon?
No. Only approved providers of gas like AGA, BP Gas and Strandmøllen can deliver that much helium. A logo blimp on 3,5 metres in length needs about four or five cubic metres of helium. A round helium balloon on two metres in diameter consists about the same. But if you go from trwo to three metres in diameter, you’ll need about three times as much.

Do I need to provide anything except helium?
No, we deliver the floating balloons and blimps with all the accessories you need – except helium. Accessories consist of pegs, 25 metres of rope/line and a repair kit.

How do I tie the rope/line to the ground?
We need to bust a myth here. The myth might come from cartoons such as Curious George. But a helium balloon on two metres in diameter cannot lift more than a few hundred grams from the ground. A person shouldn’t fear that the helium balloon will take them to the stratosphere like Felix Baumgartner. So you can tie your blimp or helium balloon to the ground with a peg, to a branch or similar things.

If you want to try an inflatable promotional product, you can hear more about eyecatching and outdoor ways of promoting. So if you want a great kind of eyecatcher for your brand or business, give us a call at +45 4062 2927 or read more on our website.

2. March 2013