Wolffish invades Jyske Bank BOXEN!

The wolffish, an internal symbol of company values at Jyske Bank, was high on the wish list for this year’s event at Jyske Bank BOXEN.
Entrusted with the task, Ibsens Fabrikker set out to recreate the deep-sea beast as an impressive 8-meter-long oversized inflatable.
Sometimes size matters.

Giant inflatable creature

The 8 meter inflatable wolffish at BOXEN

In our ever-expanding portfolio of over dimensioned animals and creatures, our competencies span from tiny insects to armored giants. This time, the turn has come to the wolf of the sea. This 8-meter-long wonder of a wolffish swam calmly over 15.000 Jyske Bank employees at BOXEN in Herning, as a symbol of the core values of the banking group.

The wolffish as the symbol of internal company values, has its origins almost 40 years ago. Today, this beast from the sea is synonymous with values such as corporate sustainability and responsibility. The Wolffish is not particularly well known outside of the company, however for employees and leaders alike, the wolffish is a well-known sight that effectively communicates company values in a simple yet eye-catching manner. As such, it plays a key role in steering one of Denmark’s largest banking groups in the right direction.

While the wolffish is rarely cited for its beauty, we still managed to breathe life into a spectacular and eye-catching inflatable creation while staying true to the natural shape of the wolffish. Combining neon blue and green colors, detailed welding and life-like inflatable shapes, the illusion was completed and the wolffish brought to life.

Looking back at this project, one thing stands clear – size matters!

The wolffish at BOXEN in Herning

The 8-meter-long wolffish swimming through the air above thousands of people at Jyske Bank BOXEN.

5. November 2022