Fiberglass animals – Which color is your rhino?

A fiberglass animal is a lively way to catch the attention of your customers or to create a great atmosphere at the office.

Think out of the box. Rhino's don't have to be grey

Think out of the box when it comes to the color of your fiberglass animals. A blue rhino is a guaranteed head-turner.

Fiberglass animals for any occation
A lifesize fiberglass animal is a guaranteed winner. The unparalleled classic is the fiberglass cow, which we at this point have made in coutless variations. The posibilities are endless, and a fiberglass animal will always turn heads or lure people in to pet the beauty.

Think out of the box
Fiberglass animals are the perfect promotional gimmish for food and animal industries, but at Ibsens Fabrikker we see a much bigger potential in these full-size zoological creations. A fiberglass animal is just one color and a logo away from being your company’s unique trademark, so why not do something to stand out from the competition? That’s why we always ask “which color?” when you order a fiberglass animal with us, even though we are more than happy to produce the animals in their natural colors.

What animal should i choose?
If we have sparked your interest regarding fiberglass animals, you might be thinking which animal best suits your needs? Try to think about what you want the animal to express and the message you want to convey to your customers. An aggressive cat, a loyal dog or a sturdy elefant? Choose the animal that best describe the qualities your customers needs to connect to your brand and company, and we will help you figure out the rest and chose the right bucket of paint to dip the creature in.

20. November 2018