Floating helium balloons over Copenhagen

Live TV coverage by DR (Denmarks Radio) from the rooftop of Experimentarium in Copenhagen during Tokyo Olympics. Ibsens Fabrikker designed and produced floating helium balloons (3 meters in diameter). These eye-catchers are equipped with integrated LED lighting to make them stand out at night.

Floating helium balloons

Floating helium balloons over Experimentarium in Copenhagen

Every summer Ibsens Fabrikker design and produce many, many floating helium balloons for outdoor events, festivals and exhibitions. We are also able to handle the installation and offcourse the filling with helium. Because without helium the helium balloons off course will not float.

The the 2021 Olympic TV coverage by DR (Denmarks Radio) was held at the rooftop of Experimentarium in Copenhagen. In order to drag attention to the event 3 meter diameter floating helium balloons was sent to the sky . The Experimentarium logo is printed on bot sides and inside the balloons integrated LED lighting for that ambient lounge atmosphere during the night-takes.

A 3 meter floating helium balloons can contain about 8-9 cubikmeters of helium, This is a bit more than a big bottle. When sending giant floating helium balloons to the sky it is nessesary to keep a good eye on the weather forecast. Give us a call on +45 4062 2927 or send an email to  [email protected] for more info about this type of eye-catching advertising.

big floating helium balloons

Big floating helium balloons ready to launch at Copenhagen Pride

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28. July 2021