Floating giant balloons

Large helium or air balloons for advertising.

Svævende kæmpe balloner

Giant beach balls with air or helium draw attention.

A large or air helium balloon works great as a head-turner, boosting your brand value. Use a large helium balloon at grand openings, in shopping centers with multiple floors, or as instore promotion. The size alone, and the fact that it floats, makes people turn their head to really look at the giant balloon.

With a large helium balloon, shaped and designed according to your wishes, you will stand out from the crowd using spectacular advertising. And this gets noticed!

Kæmpe balloner med logo

Kæmpe balloner kan printes med dit logo og i dine farver og sendes til vejrs.

Get creative!
Kæmpe balloner som scene rekvisit

Kæmpe balloner kan også være en del af et sceneshow eller indretningen på en messestand

Use your imagination and combine the many spectacular features with a bold and appealing design, and you will by far surpass your competitors in attention.

Giant balloons cannot be avoided. With a unique design, the right colours and a personal touch, you’re doing it right. It’ll make your efforts in eye-catching and branding be all worth it. When the balloon is launched, you’ll see the effect, when the bypassers turn their heads.

Amaze people og make them notice your logo, graphic identity or company name on the giant balloon. People have to notice your new, personal advertising prop.

We’ve made them in all colours and all kinds of design. Well, even in all shapes. We can make the exact balloon, you want and desire.

It’s your thoughts and ideas that are the sketches of the floating giant balloons. No matter what. No matter the logo, product or idea.

Kæmpe balloner med helium

Kæmpe balloner med helium skaber blikfang ved udendørs events


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