Creative stage design
made from pure air

Abby Portner and Reptile Youth tried the inflatable solution, when they needed creative stage design for a row of concerts.

The band Reptile Youth and artist Abby Portner have cooperated a couple of times before on stage design and visual effects for the concerts of the Danish Band.

In September and October of 2015 their cooperation reached a higher level, when Abby Portner gave three Reptile Youth concerts a unique touch.

And it was with inflatable wave and buildings from Ibsens Fabrikker, which the artist and designer decorated herself for this purpose – the concerts.

Abby Portner is a respected artist and designer on the musical stage. E.g. she has worked – amongst others – with John Cale from The Velvet Underground. And because of that it is extremely important for us to give her the right materials for reaching a new level of art at the Reptile Youth concerts.

From a drawing to live concert

Inflatable waves with Reptile Youth

A psychedelic sea. That is how Abby Portner described the stage design for the three concert, when Danish paper Politiken interviewed her and Reptile Youth lead singer Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen on the projekt.

See the front page below.

The inflatable waves and buildings, which creates the psychedelic ocean, gets their real effect from video projections.

Portner combined light and air in a unique way, which then is combined with the Reptile Youth music. And the Danes must know, what it sounds like by now.

And in that way Ibsens Fabrikker took a giant leap into the world of stage design. And on top of that we were carried inthere by creative and experienced hands – the hands of Abby Portner.

We are happy that she showed one of the many opportunities in inflatables.

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