OiSTER mascots are taking over!

The Danish phone company OiSTER are using their mascots for a bit of different marketing. They upload small videos with the mascots to YouTube!

Movember.. Halloween.. Maybe a national sports event? The mascots are there in front of the camera. The short and funny videoes catches the people watching online, while the well-known (well, in Denmark..) commercials run on TV. It’s new for us to see mascots from Bamsefabrikken being used so actively on different platforms. Bravo!

The three mascots are put in funny situations, which differs from the commercials, we know them from. That makes funny clips, which OiSTER kan market themselves with on the internet. Several of the videos gets several thousand view, which is a lot in Denmark and tells us, that there are people for this kind of commercial.

This shows the many oppurtunities, when using a mascot costume. You can reach out to the customers in a lot of different ways, which are funnier and draws more attention than traditional marketing.

At Ibsens Fabrikker and Bamsefabrikken we salute the work in OiSTER, and we admire their use of the three mascots. We are extremely proud to have produced them! Læs mere om maskotterne på Bamsefabrikken.

17. November 2014