The year of the rat at Ibsens Fabrikker

Two large inflatable rats with two very different uses

3F's union rat. En oppustelig rotte til at overbringe politiske budskaber.

Detailed inflatable animals
An often asked question at Ibsens Fabrikker is, how detailed we can make an inflatable figure or animal. These two rats for our customers at 3F and Bayer are great examples of what’s possible in our world of inflatable figures. No detail is logs in the design of both of these rats. They both have sharp claws, long tails and very vivid facial details.

To achieve this level of detail on an airtight inflatable figure, it is necessary to build the inflatable with several inflation chambers, each filled with air individually. The finishing touches are made by airbrush painting the finished animals.

The two rats, inspite their shared genetics, were made with two very different goals in mind. Many people associate rats with something negative and unwanted. Bayer can certainly attest to that with their series of rat repellant products. 3F uses these negative associations to convey their political agenda and calling out flaws in the system.

3F’s Union Rat
The workers union 3F contacted us after having experienced the concept of “Union Rats” which is a wide spread concept in the USA. “Union Rats” are large inflatable rats used by workers unions to convey political messages and draw attention to companies with a reputation for treating their workers unfairly.

3F asked us to make a copy of one of these rats, but in an air tight version, making it possible to place the rat anyhwere without the need for access to permanent power.

Most importantly, the rat had to be ugly and disgusting to look at, which we confidently think, that we achieved to perfection.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Bayer´s oppustelige rotte til messeblikfang

Bayer’s rat as an eye-catcher for events
Bayer did not have any political statements to make, when they contacted us. All they wanted was a large eye-catcher for their exhibition stand, representing their rat repellant products.

Unlike 3F’s rat, which is made to stand on the ground, Bayer’s rat is made to hang from the ceiling in large exhibition halls and centres. The rat is based on Bayer’s own design that we transformed to 3D to finally produce the inflatable rat.

Do you need an inflatable animal?
If you have an idea for a large inflatable animal or any other figure, that can help you create attention for your products or convey your political messages, then we are ready to help you. e-mail or call us, and we will inflate an animal of your chosing!

See also these inflatable animals in a smaller scale or our fiberglass animals, if you are looking for animals for permanent display.

18. July 2019