Inflatable animals
promote ant poison

Catch the looks of the customers. Raid did that with inflatable animals – ants.

Ants made inflatable remind people to buy ant poisin in their local shop.

How du you visualize a product such as ant poison in the best way? It’s easy. Use oversize ants as inflatable animals. It works perfectly as point of sales.

At Ibsens Fabrikker, we often talk point of sales, when we mention our products. It’s an effective way to draw attention in a jungle of commercial tricks.

With a gimmick such as inflatable animals, Raid are sure to draw attention from potential customers. Even more so than using a simple roll-up sign.

Video: Raid inflatable insects

We delivered 800 ants to Raid in order to draw attention in as many shops as possible. You can do the same thing. Find the character or figure that illustrates your product. Or think about an oversized replica.

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