Inflatable in-store promotion and POS

Draw attention with an inflatable replica of your product.

Ants made inflatable remind people to buy ant poisin in their local shop.

With a giant inflatable replica of your product, you can create visual attraction which an ordinary cartboard sign cannot compete with.

In retail the competition on the customers attention is heavy. An oversized replica can bring your product in front.

Candy bars, bags and similar packaging are perfect shapes to make a large inflatable replica of which draws everyday attention.

We have produced inflatable oversized replicas of products like Malaco, Fisherman’s Friend and Pågen. These products are perfect for point of sales and in-store promotion because of their shapes which makes them easy to transform to oversized replicas.

An excellent example of POS can be seen on the picture. Take a look at our cases to see more examples. 

Inflatable Mentos product copy for in-store display

When you need your product blown up to large proportions, you have to consider how it is going to be displayed. We can make your product for standing on the ground or hanging from the ceiling. This also has to do with, how large the product should be. A bottle smaller than 1 meter can easily be overseen, when standing on the ground, but it might be the perfect solution for display on a shelf in eye-height or hanging from the ceiling. At the same time, a 2 meter bottle might be too big to hang from the ceiling, but perfect for standing on the ground.

When we know the measurements of your product, and your thoughts about how it should be displayed, we are ready to give you our take on how we think the inflatable product can best be made and used.

Whether you need a single copy of your product, or several hundreds for a country-wide in-store campaign, we are ready to help you bring your infaltable product into the world.

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