Outdoor product replicas

Get great attention with giant copies of products.

Inflatable product replicas makes your product stand out.

We recommend that you use inflatable giant copies of your products based on the great attention you’ll get. The size alone makes these giant product inflatables hard to avoid.

The reason you stop and become aware and curious about the giant inflatable product copy is that you recognize the product, but it appears out of context and has other dimensions and an appealing inflatable shape. This makes your brain work hard and you will automatically add extra notice. This dazzles and fascinates every time.

Take a look at the giant can from Cult. It is seven metres tall, and it really attracts the wanted attention. Unfold the product, plug in the socket and the giant inflatable product copy is ready in less than 10 minutes.

The built-in blower provides a continuous airflow that keeps the product inflated and stable. One person can handle the product, but it’s more fun to be two. Perhaps you do not need a product with a fan, but a large sealed inflatable will do.

Use giant inflatable product copies in and outside stores during campaigns and introductions, by sponsoring events, by sampling in malls and at concerts and festivals and for countless other uses. And do so before your competitor! The product is still quite new, so here is a chance to be up front.

Ibsens Fabrikker are ready to assist you, whether you only have a vague idea in your head, or a detailed sketch and requirements for the final product. We advise on choice of form and material, variation and use, and we provide design in 3D before final production.

Outdoor product replicas are great! Do you need one?

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