Inflatable illuminated effects

LED illuminated figures and shapes.

Giant helium balloon

Giant balloon filled with helium measuring 8 meters in diameter and printed with the surface of the moon.

Create attention in a different way! Let these luminous effects create a relaxed lounge mood at your next event. Imagine a number of giant glowing stars hanging from the ceiling or a row of columns and arches enclosing you entrance and that way making it more eye-catching.

Luftfabrikken now offers the inflatable LED illuminated figures with build-in lighting, so now the dark won’t be an obstacle for you to create advertisement, and they can be delivered with your logo on it.

The inflatable shapes are ideal for events, sport events, concerts, fairs and shows. They come with a remote control for activation and switching off the fan, that way you can control them from a distance. The fan requires access to a normal 220V and it’s quiet.

The products can be packed so they hardly take up any space, and they can be set up in 1 to 2 minutes. They are suitable for indoor use, but they can also be used outdoors at summer events in calm weather and for a short duration. 

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Grant Thornton helium balloon with LED

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