Inflatable mascots and characters

Let Ibsens Fabrikker bring your mascot to life.

With inflatable characters as mascots your marketing suddenly gets lots of personality, creating a spectacular eye catcher.

If you already use a mascot, it’s a great idea to supplement the original mascot costume with an inflatable mascot figure. The figure stands inflated all day, whereas a live mascot costumes can be used only for an hour at the time, after which the person in the costume will need a break, since it is a very hot job.

The large inflatable figures have many other obvious advantages. They can be made so large scale that you create eye-catching from afar. Perhaps such an inflatable figure makes you burn through with your message in a packed crowd.

A mascot figure could make a difference for a company or a sports club. Luftfabrikken can deliver your mascotas a giant inflatable figure of up to 20 meters in height.

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