Fiberglass animals

Lifelike standard figures and replicas in fiberglass. 

We can supply a wide range of figures to be used for many exciting and above all promotional purposes.

It is a fact that a figure or a statue attracts attention, whether it’s located in front of a restaurant, a cinema, at an amusement park or something else.

Bypassers simply cannot resist their own curiosity and move close to the figure to see whether it is be read – or fiberglass.

From that moment, you’ve caught the customer’s attention. You already started selling your product or your message.

The method is simple. You use a gimmick to “lure” the customer to take the first step towards a trade, and you are now three steps ahead of your competitor, because the customer has initiated contact.

We can produce any kind of fiberglass animal. We’ve already shipped loads of horses, pigs and cows out from our location in Denmark.

Especially the cows are impressively popular in Scandinavia. If you deal any kind of dairy product, it’s the obvious choice.

But the preferences of our other clients doesn’t limit you. Are you thinking about a totally different kind of animal? Let us know.

When you truely want to turn heads, you need to think out of the box. A life-size rhino is one thing. When you paint is blue, you truely have a commercial gimmick, that your competitors can’t keep up with.

At Ibsens Fabrikker we produce a wide range of full-size animals, painted in your own pantone colors. Such animals are perfect eye-catchers in a shopping street, mall or for your shops interior design.

Think out of the box. Rhino's don't have to be grey

Think out of the box when it comes to the color of your fiberglass animals. A blue rhino is a guaranteed head-turner.

Turn heads with fiberglass

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