Fiberglass figures and mascots

Beautiful and unique fiberglass figures are great eye-catchers.


Center for Ludomani har været rundt i hele landet med de to spillefugle. De var også forbi Nytorv i Aalborg.

If you want to draw attention, you’ve got to consider the best way to create visual attraction. 

We know a lot of ways to do it. One of them is to have several or a single unique figure in nice colors manufactured. They give a sparkling touch and are great eye-catchers.

Ibsens Fabrikker are proud to present you the opportunity to advertise yourself with these figures. We manufacture a lifelike and detailed one fueled by your ideas and sketches – so get brainstorming now!

A great example is Rasmus Klump as a huge fiberglass mascot. You might know him as Erasmus Lump, Petzi or Bruin the Bear.

When you – possibly in cooperation with your advertisement agency – figured out how the figure should look like, we take over and let our talented artists draw, model, shape, color and detail. While you follow the process through pictures and approvals.

Let us know, what you’re thinking about and want to bring to life. The nice surface and the amazing facial expressions will amaze you – and your customers!

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