Hand painted figurines

Hand painted figurines made in plastic, resin, porcelain or tin.

Hand-painted decorative shapes have always been alluring and almost impossible to throw out.

Most have one or more hand painted figurines on display, and many of the most popular characters follow one up through life, from children’s bedrooms onto a shelf in the office.

Therefore, small figurines (below 20 cm. in height) are one of the products that give your brand or your mascot the most attention and promotion for the money spent.

Mascot characters are extensively used in marketing of various products and here at Ibsens, we can help to replicate your mascot – with this fantastic piece of handmade advertising art.

The procedure for producing small hand painted figurines usually start with submitting an estimate price. The estimate price is calculated from the quantity (minimum 3000 units), material and character detail.


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