Custom-made furniture and interior

Get your custom-made furniture here at Ibsens Fabrikker!

Ibsens Fabrikker, in collaboration with our suppliers around the world, produce custom made items and large scale product copies.

Virtually anything you can think of, we can draw, visualize, put into production and deliver to a price significantly lower than the price of a similar task manufactured in Denmark.

With us, the chain of command is short, and in all our projects, we are in close contact with you as a client about producing the right product at the right price.

A custom-made piece of furniture in a hotel lobby, in an airport or on an exhibition gives the audience a sense of being situated in a unique environment, and the company will experience plenty of positive publicity as a result of the unique decor.

You only need a great idea.

From idea to reality

From idea to reality with the Danish realtors at HOME. The keyhole is their logo.

It is also worth noticing that the price to pay for these special productions rarely exceed the price of the well-known furniture classics, which you might alternatively invest in. Throughout the manufacturing process, you as a customer will receive photos from the production via e-mail.

That way can we ensure that any misunderstanding will be avoided, and that the product will turn out exactly as you had imagined. In major productions we produce a prototype, to be approved by you as the customer.

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