Unique promotional power banks

Turn you mascot, logo or product into unique promotional power banks that place your brand right in front of potential customers. That’s branding with a practical purpose.

promotional power banks

We made power bank versions of this Hercules plain for the Danish Air Show

It’s indispensable on business trips or for all-day events. A power bank is the best friend of the digital person. And that’s why it’s an amazing gift your customers or business associates.

Use your very own mascot, logo og recognizable product to create unique promotional power banks. In that way you’ll make people remember your brand in a practical and unique way.

At Ibsens Fabrikker, we chose our mascot Bella as the power bank model. She’s a VW Bus known in Denmark from the tv show Krøniken, where the vintage car is shown over and over again.

Bella represents Ibsens Fabrikker in a lot of ways. That’s why it’s an easy way to catch eyes and create recognition by making power bank versions of the car.

Do you have a product or a mascot that would do a great job as a power bank? By recreating it as a helpful gimmick for your customers’ smartphones, you’re on your way to make an impression.

unique promotional power banks

At your request, we'll give you an estimate on production of a minimum of 200 power banks.

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