Piggy banks

Piggy banks – a great gift for your best customers. Piggy banks can be a great way to create a bound to your customers and their children.

We all had a piggy bank growing up, which we remember – some of us even kept it. They have an incredible way to stay in our lives compared to other versions of teddies and mascots. 

An example is our Greenlandic friend and mascot Kuluk. The seal was produced in a row of piggy banks. The Bank of Greenland used their existing mascot in an obvious way.

Especially banks have a great business, where the piggy banks easily is connected to the business. Other businesses can altså use piggy banks as a gift of loyalty for the best customers.

And a piggy bank doesn’t need to be in solid material. Here’s a picture of two teddies from Danish Broager Sparekassen. The smaller one is a piggy bank.

How we produce piggy banks

Before you break hole in your adventure into the world of piggy banks, we need a drawing. And with that we use create something physical and three dimensional.

Some of our customers already have mascot characters in their business. If you do not, we’re ready to help.

When we have a drawing, we can produce a ‘master mould’, where we try out the proportions and the size.

If the customer is happy, we continue with the process and make a proto type. The first piggy bank of many.

Then we edit the proto type until it is perfect. Then we go on to the production of the piggy banks, which only you have acces to. It is the perfect gift of loyalty for your customers and their children!

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