PVC labels, figures and advertising gimmicks

Boost your brand awareness with unique, custom-made advertising gimmicks and figures produced in rubber and PVC.

PVC beer coasters with logo

PVC beer coasters with logo produced for Mikkeller.

Custom-made PVC key ring

The well-known Soundboks in a miniature sized version – A popular giveaway

Miniature advertising gimmicks with a loud presence

Most people have some relation to speakers, such as the Soundboks. In fact, the Danish speaker brand has taken ownership of loud-playing speakers to the extent that all loud-playing, transportable speakers are referred to as a Soundboks – regardless of brand.

For a competition in the Nordic and German markets we produced 9,000 miniature sized Soundboks. All with a unique “lottery number” printed on a coin, which also can be used for shopping trolleys. Some of these numbers included a prize – a genuine Soundboks… BRILLIANT!

We can help with inspiration and idea development for your PVC figures, such as key rings, standing figures or PVC labels – anything you can imagine.

We produce:

- Labels for clothing production
- Luggage tags
- Mobile phone covers
- Unique figures
- Fan club merchandise
- Unique souvenirs
- Key rings and other advertising items

Meet Sten-O

Sten-O is the children’s’ friend

At Steno Diabetes Center, they understand the value of giving the youngest patients a custom-made PVC figure. They have created a universe of apps and videos, in which Sten-O is the main character and communicator.

If your company has a product or mascot that is unique and easy to recognise, a PVC figure is perfect for supporting your marketing efforts of the product/figure and your brand.

A PVC figure can have a great  impact on your company and brand – now and in the long run.

Moulded PVC figure

Moulded PVC figure

3D figures made of PVC

The DGI mascot created as a PVC key ring

Do you want your mascot or product as a rubber/PVC figure
to create attention and awareness for your company?

Get inspired by this case from the Mikkeller brewery

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