Do you sell ice cream? So do we!

A giant fiberglass ice cream infront of your store will reel in customers for you!

A fiberglass shape is the perfect tool to tell your customers what to expect when stepping inside your store. If you serve delicious ice cream, you need a equally delicious ice cream outside.

A fiberglass shape is a great alternative to the classic A-sign, and a shiny 150cm tall ice cream cone will no doubt catch the attention of your potential customers, and have theirminds set on a delicious ice cream before they know it themselves.

Our fiberglass shapes and figures, like the ice cream cones on the picture up above, are weatherproof and can be used all year around.

If ice cream is not your line of business, we have plenty of other options to offer you. We can even help you develop your own unique shapes based on your brand, logo, colors or anything else.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and lets start working together!

28. November 2019