Large promotional balloons under the ceiling at Mad & Glæde 2018

At Irma's Mad & Glæde 2018, large promotional balloons printed with logos are used as eye-catchers and as an important part of the decoration in the large event center. At Ibsens Fabrikker we also see a hidden message in these large promotional balloons high up under the ceiling.

Large promotional balloons at Mad & Glæde 2018

Large promotional balloons serve as an important part of the decoration at Mad & Glæde 2018

Balloons under the ceiling at Mad & Glæde
Every year, Irma hosts the event Mad & Glæde, which is a large food festival for everybody who are as curious and passionate about food as Irma themselves. Forum in Copenhagen has in recent years been the chosen location for the event, which covers an entire weekend with more than 13.000 visitors.

In order to add a little extra to the decoration of the event, this year Irma used large promotional balloons high up under the ceiling, and it worked excellently as decor in the large room. Seen both from below, and from the balconies, the large promotional balloons, blue and printed with Irma’s logo, added to the entire experience that Irma wanted to give the many visitors, with both a twist and fun and professionalism. Large promotional balloons offer an easy way to add an extra dimension to the room.

A message for the visitors
Besides being a great way to decorate both indoor and outdoor events, large promotional balloons can also serve as a the conveyor of a subconcious message to visitors and attendees. With the large promotional balloons printed with Irma’s logo soaring up above the exhibitors and visitors at the event, the supermarket chain sends a message to the attendees: Irma’s values and beliefs are represented at this event!

At Ibsens Fabrikker we are always proud to contribute to large events such as Irma’s Mad & Glæde. Our large promotional balloons continue to rise in popularity, especially for use at events such as this one.

Large promotional balloons serve any purpose
Large promotional balloons can be used at any event, exhibition or show. Limited only by your imagination, Luftfabrikkens products can with great effect be used for any promotional or visual purpose. Nothing underlines this better than our Nephew case, where a large promotional balloon of 8 meters in diameter floated above Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival 2018.

Do you want to use a large promotional balloon for your next event? Continue reading our 11 facts about blimps and large promotional balloons and check out our reminders when you are about to get started with your large promotional balloons.

7. September 2018