Helium balloon illuminated the harbour

Ambiente were the minds behind a row of "Harbour Magnets" during Aarhus Festuge 2017. One of them was produced by Ibsens Fabrikker.

heliumballon med lys ved Aarhus Festuge

Heliumballon fik især sin berettigelse om aftenen, hvor lyset gav en klar fornemmelse af fuldmåne ved vandet.

During Aarhus Festuge 2017 it was possible to experience a true full moon in the cozy environment of the harbour in the Danish city. With a bit of help from Ibsens Fabrikker, Ambiente put up a Harbour Magnet that had the purpose of creating an intimate experience on the ever-developing harbour.

With a large illuminated helium balloon, Ambiente created right atmosphere for that.

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3. September 2017