How to maintain a mascot costume

Amazing mascots has to be handled with respect. We know our mascots aren’t the cheapest on the market but as we say, “We don’t just sell costumes, we bring characters to life!”

If you take good care of our mascots, you’ll have them for many years into the future. You can achieve this by following these simple instructions:

– Never pack the costume in the transport bag if the suit is wet or damp.

– Always leave the costume to dry on a rack after using it.

Even though your mascot is unique and one of a kind, we are always able to deliver “spare parts” (feet, gloves or any other accessory) for the costume.

You’re not abandoned if the costume needs a little fixing up after intensive use. Our tailor will take care of your mascot if it has a mishap.

You can comfortably leave the mascot maintenance of your mascot costume up to our costume workshop. We can always give you an estimate on an assignment before we start.

Send us an e-mail with your request
at [email protected] – it doesn’t hurt to ask!

6. October 2016