Unique branded interior


Here at Ibsens Fabrikker er believe that the easiest way to start a project is by simple childrens drawings. Through these we can quickly visualize our idea(s) for our clients. We used these simple drawings, when we started working with HOME concerning eyecatchers for their brokers.

Figurfabrikken and HOME started a constructive cooperation through the process from start to finish. Right from the first drawings on paper to the delivery of the finished product. On the pictures you can see a couple of the products that our cooperation ended in.

A two meter glass fibre keyhole, which is nice to look at, but also can be used as a toy or furniture in the stores, and a “brochure box” to use inside the stores.

Lad Figurfabrikken fremstille dit logo i oversize format som et praktisk møbel til brug i showroomet, på messestanden eller i receptionen. Et møbel der med garanti skaber opmærksomhed, og som samtidig er et klart statement af dit brand og en synlig eksponering af din virksomhed.

Let Figurfabrikken produce your logo in an oversized version as a practical furniture to use in your showroom, at a fair or in your reception. A furniture that will draw attention and is clear statement that of your brand and an invisible exposure of your firm.


Do your firm have a logo that should be made into a furniture or a piece of interior? Contact Figurfabrikken, and let’s talk about the options for your logo.

Read more about custom made effects and props on our website.

17. October 2013