The Dragon Næssie “bamsified” at Bamsefabrikken

Næssie is the name of the dragon that is the landmark for the kids in Næstved.

Næsie is already a popular figure in town. It got its name from 236 suggestions when, in 2002, a completion was held during kids’ culture week.

Næstved is a town that knows how to appeal to the kids. Their mouthpiece is a little green dragon called Næssie – he is real well known in town.


Næstved got in touch with Bamsefabrikken with the wish to make the figure available to all the kids in town. 2000 teddy bears were produced and handed out to the kids in town.

The teddy bears are real good quality which is important in order for them to last a long time.

Teddy bears are given away as gifts everywhere: At fast food restaurants, gas stations etc., but when the kids 5 minutes later have lost interest they throw it away.
…..Unless the product is of a quality so that the customer can not dare to throw it away.

Obviously quality is a bit more expensive at first, but it will pay itself in the long run.

If the product has a good story that the kids can relate to, and if it is promoted and told many times, the promotional value can expand many years into the future.

At Bamsefabrikken we are specialists in developing the right mascot figures to communicate the desired message. We take care of your order from A to Z starting with delivery of drawing sketches to the manufacturing of the mascot.


8. August 2008