The Danonino mascot got a make-over

The well-known Danonino mascot got a rebranding to the lighter and more athletic side. And with a rebranding comes the right mascot costume for a new and sporty type of mascot. Actually 10 of them.


Danone’s famous mascot got a rebranding to the sporty and atheltic side. And Bamsefabrikken was involved in the rebranding. With the right costumes this mascot can go in a new direction, which really fits the new mascot brand. 

The 10 costumes are ultra light. That makes it easy for the person inside the costume to be active, which is way more sporty – and fitting for the new Danonino mascot. It gives the mascot more life, when the person inside has the possibility to move around.

The look and the make–over itself really screams sport in generel. The dino is more fit and has a nice set of sports clothes. It’s all a part of a complete rebranding well thought through – and the well-known dino from the yoghurt commercials speaks to children in a whole new way. 

Learn more about mascot costumes on Bamsefabrikken, where we have a case on the mascot. Do you have any questions about costumes or are you considering a rebranding for you mascot – then give us a call at +45 4062 2927. Or just send us an e-mail.

18. May 2014