Why company mascots are coming back

It’s been a long time coming. But you might have noticed it. Company mascot are back, and the adverstising agencies are using them to market products and companies in a whole new way.

After several years with traditional ways to market, the mascots are returning to the advertisement world with a bit more personal touch. Here’s ten reasons for the comeback of the mascots.


1. Facebook and other social medias are based on interaction between people. Mascots gives your customers a special personality to interact with, which isn’t to be found in  traditional PR.

2. Company mascots can easily give the whole process a soft touch, when customers need to be convinced. Who can turn down a conversation with a cute teddybear in the mall or on the street?

3. When setting up your brand on a social media or network, mascot can give a personal touch. It’s way funnier to follow a cheeky mascot on Twitter og Facebook than a boring company name.

4. Upon the though financial times big companies and brands are getting a bad reputation. A mascot can have the opposite effect. A cute and sweet mascot is easier to trust than a company name, which some  might look at as bad.

5. The financial crysis also gave customers a need for safety. Nostalgia is always a winner, and a well-known face from your childhood has great effect. E.g. a childrens mascot.

6. International mascots get a lot of attention on the world wide web and especially on social media. Most people have noticed that, and CEOs sees that as a way to try new ways of marketing.

7. Figures from animated film are very popular these days. Non-human figures have a lot to say in children families, and that also includes mascots. The children and the parents are used to the non-human faces and can relate to mascot.

8. Ad campaigns are more entertaining with a figure in the center. Mascots gives the campaign entity and also reaches the stores, where you can meet the figure/mascot in person.

9. Company mascot demands a reaction from the crowd. Ad campaigns with mascots involves users and customers and forces them to interact, which doesn’t happen with a regular TV commercial or a cartboard sign. Let the mascot interact for you.

10. A whole universe with mascots and figures gives you a special personality on social media. The personality of the mascot can resemble the personality that you want your business to have. A mascot interacting in childrens height shows that the company is eager to do the same.

Mascots and figures can be found in every niche and branche. Cereal or mobile ads. They help create complete and whole ad campaigns, which interacts with the customers in a p0sitive way.

Al that success is a sign. Company mascots are here to stay. Do you want your own company mascot? Get inspired at Bamsefabrikken.

30. April 2013