Some ideas can not be described – they must be experienced!

In the city of Pandrup, Denmark, located approx. 25 km. from Aalborg, you will find Ibsen Factories A / S. Since the company started out in 2005 we have strived to deliver different advertising effects, wacky gimmicks and unique productions, which causes people to stop and reflect.

Since September 2010, we have been working to finalize a large and beautiful showroom, where our costumers can come to see, and feel the amazing advertising products we produce.

The building facade faces toward the bypass leading to the seaside towns of Løkken and Blokhus, and a huge glass area lets the many passersby get a glimpse of what goes on the 3 advertising “factories” Figurfabrikken, Luftfabrikken and Bamsefabrikken.

High Flying ideas require that there are high ceilings!
Luftfabrikken is Scandinavia’s leading provider of advertising effects which can be filled with air. Products ranging from  inflatable promotion articles with logo, inflatable soda bottles and advertising blimps to giant advertisements for outdoor use at concerts and events.
We naturally offer our clients that demonstrate these high-flying giant advertisements – making the 8 meter high building an absolute necessity.

Giant mascot bears welcomes you inside.
(Bamsefabrikken) The Teddybear Factory´s mascot characters are known from professional football clubs, amusement parks and TV commercials. Actually Bamsefabrikken reproduced over a hundred famous, funny and cute characters into cute plush material characters, bears in plush and mansize walkaround mascot costumes.

The mascots are a little hard to keep track of, that is why there is always a handful of them standing by the window, waving to children and kindered spirits who pass by out on the busy road :-).

3D shapes and products in plastic, fiberglass and styrofoam.
Do not be afraid if one day you see a 3 meter high mobile phone or a giant Easter egg – it’s not you who has shrunk together gotten tiny! – It is just one of the Figure Factory`s crazy fibreglass product replicas, which is probably on the way out to customers who want to attract attention beyond the usual.

Bella is the company mascot, and center piece!
Amid the large glass facade facing factories’ own mascot, ready to deliver  products to our creative-thinking customers.

Bella is a beautiful Volkswagen bus, that left the VW factory in Wolfsburg on a beautiful summer day, back in 1967. After a career as a movie star in various TV series, Bella has settled down as the center piece here at Ibsen’s factories.

Feel free to come by and get inspired to eye-cathing advertising here in Denmark – but give us a call at +45 4062 2927 before you do 🙂


14. February 2011