School aiming to impress future students

University College Nordjylland is the happy new owner of an inflatable billboard and an inflatable igloo tent for use in promotion and marketing of the school. The products have already been used many times, and especially the tent is popular and praised because it is so easy to use and appropriate in size.

It is a success at racing events as well as at graduation celebration and career fairs.

A couple of competent staff from University College Nordjylland came to see us at Luftfabrikken, with a request for some useful promotional products with strong eye-catcher effect. The inflatable products should be easy to use and to move from place to place. After a long talk and demonstrating some of Luftfabrikkens products, they chose an inflatable igloo tent and an inflatable billboard.

Ann Purkær Plaetner, marketing coordinator at UCN, said:

“University College Nordjylland offers education within the health, technological and business area. Our primary audience are young people who will start on an education following their secondary education. These are young people accustomed to being exposed to all sorts of marketing, and therefore we must stand out to be noticed.

When we became aware of Luftfabrikkens products, it was not far from thought to action. Here were the unique products of the right quality that would provide the attention we need. We have just started using these products, and we have already obtained much positive feedback both internally and externally. The list of colleagues who book products for use in their marketing work grows, and as user-friendliness is high with the products, they will be well utilized. ”

An inflatable billboard, such as the one UCN have purchased, has an interchangeable design which merges on the billboard skeleton. It gives the product many uses and a long life.

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7. July 2010