Kinky bunny is a different kind of mascot

A mascot costume can be used for a lot of different things. Big Brother showed us that!

Mascot costumes are often used to appeal to children and youngsters at events and sports matches.

At Bamsefabrikken we’ve delivered all sorts of mascots. For malls, sports clubs and other businesses. But a mascots job can varie alot, and Big Brother showed that with their bunny mascot.

Bamsefabrikken delievered the costume to Big Brother. The bunny is our first reality mascot! It is not a traditional mascot – mildy speaking. But it is a proof that a mascot costumes can be used in all sorts of ways. They don’t just appeal to children and youngsters – they’re also fantastic at giving a TV show a twist or making an event a bit more fun.

Do you have a crooked idea for an alternative mascot? Send us a mail or call us at +45 4062 2927 – we really wanna hear it!

6. March 2013