Inflatable buoys as eye-catchers

Unique inflatable buoys makes your brand float.

Inflatable solutions are perfect for sports marketing including water

When an event is held on water, our inflatable buoys open up for at great opportunity to get involved with marketing, where it happens. And on the water surface is where it happens!

It could be triathlons, where the contestants throw themselves into the waves. Like when we produced buoys for Aarhus Bay Triathlon.

The inflatable buoys can be produced in six different shapes and three sizes.

In that way, you can make them unique for your company. When you use those possibilities and combine them with colours, your logo and details. It’s your choice. It brands your company in the best way.

Shape the buoys after your brand

The shapes start at our cubes – formed as dices – with the huge surface. It emphasizes a logo and a message is easy to show to the audience, the cameras and everyone els at the event.

We don’t only have the dice as a shape. We also produce cones, pyramids and cylinders in different sizes. The shape and size should be decided after considering how your brand and identity should be showed.

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