Flying advertisement

Let your product pass the gasping audience.

A flying car! Is it possible? The answer is yes! We can help you and your brand attract perfect attention, when your product passes the audience, flying over the humans at concerts, sports events and so on.

We’ll oversized your product as a balloon – filled with helium and controllable by remote. Which makes it fly! And it will impress you potential customers. We assure you.

For huge events it’s the perfect way to attract maximal attention. It’s almost impossible to avoid noticing a giant car or beer bottle, when it flies only a couple of metres from your face.

We can actually produce, whatever is in your mind. We’ll oversize you product and make an exact replica. Here at Ibsens Fabrikker, only the sky’s the limit. And we would love to hear your idea for an unique piece of flying advertisement.

Let it be said. Making an oversized replica of a product, which flies, isn’t an easy task. And it isn’t cheap. An example is the flouting, inflatable Ford C-MAX. It actually costs more than an actual Ford C-MAX, when you buy it at a car dealer.

But the money you use on the product can come back ten times in press, TV time and viral sharings on the social media. But for way less money we can deliver the more traditional remote controlled airships with logos.


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