Inflatable billboards

Outdoor or indoor inflatable screen.

Ibsens Fabrikker offers inflatable billboards for use as outdoor advertising. Plug in the socket and see your advertising being inflated, and you don’t have to do anything!

Perfect as outdoor inflatable advertising for events and roadshows, where you need an eye-catcher but also need easy installing and dismantling. Or in major shopping centers and exhibition halls with high ceilings and plenty of air around them.

An inflatable billboard is hard to miss for bypassers.

Inflatable screens or billboards are custom-made exactly as you want them. We can print detailed images and graphics on the inflatable screen, or you can get a billboard with a blank canvas and use it as a theathre screen. There are many possibilities with this form of outdoor advertising.

The motive – or the artwork – is attached to the frame, and it is therefore easy to change the artwork as needed. This provides the inflatable billboard with even more possibilities than an ordinary static sign.

As most of our products, you can also get an inflatable screen for solely indoor uses, produced as a large sealed inflatable.

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