Inflatable arch

Silent, inflatable arch for sports events and races! Do you need a unique inflatable arch, which can draw attention to your company or event?

Inflatable branded arch airtight - produced for Agderposten

We produce inflatable arches in your choice of colour and design. And they stand completely silent, when they’ve been inflated.

It’ll breathe life into your event and draw attention to the logos, you decide to market. It can also be used for opening a store e.g.

An inflatable arch can be shaped exactly like you want it. And you can get replaceable logos – or a specially chosen shape of the arch.

But then you’ll need a build-in fan, which makes a bit of sound – read more about that a the bottom of this page.

When we sell an inflatable arch, we usually recommend an advertising column in the same design. But we don’t need to with our new solution!

The combined solution will make your investment in inflatable eye-catching a lot more flexible. 

It’s perfect for an outdoor event like a marathon or a race – and it can be adjusted to being perfect for indoor use.

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