Eye-catching gimmicks - Branded electronics as gifts

Power banks, wireless chargers or USB-keys? Have your logo and brand printed on electronic gimmicks with long lasting value to your customers. That’s eye-catching gimmicks!

Eye-catching gimmicks as customer gifts

Eye-catching gimmicks with logo print make perfect customer gifts

Eye-catching gimmicks gifts
No more customary wine and chocolate gifts. Gift your customers with a present that has long lasting value to them, while putting your logo and brand in focus. Our electronic eye-catching gimmicks with logo print is the perfect gift that your customers will stay happy with for a long time, all the while they are carrying your logo with them wherever they go – THAT’S eye-catching gimmicks!

Quality and usability
When you gift your customer with a present, you also want to send them a message detailing the values of your brand and company. Quality materials ensures that your customer stays happy with the gift, and keeps using it and at the same time showing off your brand and logo wherever they go. This is exactly what we want to achieve with this line of products.

Our electronic eye-catching gimmicks totals 9 different products that can be branded with your logo and artwork. The products are chosen for their usability, such as the power banks that provides en extra power source for your customers mobile phones when they are on the move. You can check out the entire product series on our new site, pivfraek.dk.

This product series is an offspring of our new concept PIVFRAEK, where our mission is to bring quality and usability to your customer gifts and branded office electronics. Learn more about our products and our concept at www.pivfraek.dk

Besides the more standardized products, we also produce special-made power banks. Our well-known VW Bus is a great example hereof. This power bank has accompanied many of the orders we have shipped, as an extra sign of appreciation to our customers. That's eye-catching gimmicks as customer gifts from Ibsens Fabrikker.

Ibsens Fabrikker's well-known Volkswagon bus as a power bank

This special made power bank is modelled after Ibsens Fabrikker's well-known Volkswagon bus.

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