We keep your products walking with product costumes


A walking pizza, a bottle of soda or a can passing samples out. It’s not science fiction – it’s eyecatching marketing!

Do you want people to open their eyes and see your product in the space, where your potential customers are? Then we can help you at Bamsefabrikken.

At Bamsefabrikken we can make a product costume that resembles your product. It will be unique, creative and eyecatching.

And your product will be remembered because of the smiles and emotions your walking product copy will awake. People will remember it next time they go shopping.

Do you want a head start in front of your competition? Let us know, so we can make your product walk on its on!

Send us a mail on [email protected] with a picture of your product or call us at + 45 40 62 29 27 and let us spice up your next event og campaign.

11. April 2013