Petzi/Bruin costumes all over the world

Bamsefabrikken has developed a unique and lifelike Petzi costume, made of the finest materials. This is in cooperation with Egmont Publishing, who posess all rights to the Petzi character.


This means that we can now offer Petzi costumes to all licensees throughout Scandinavia, Europe, and worldwide!


The costume is amazingly lifelike and produced in high quality – the fur is yummy italian plush – with integrated venting system in his head, which is standard in Bamsefabrikkens costumes.

Petzi is a Danish character, and the bear first appeared in 1951, created by Mrs. Carla and Mr. Vilhelm Hansen. The first drawings were published as a comic strip in newspapers at the time. Shortly after, the first Petzi books were produced with fun and exciting stories of Petzi and his friends. In Norwegian, the character is called Bamse Bjørn, in Swedish and Finnish Rasmus Nalle, in English Bruin or Barnaby Bear and in most other languages Petzi.

Within recent years, Danish publishers Egmont obtained all rights to Petzi, and they produced a design manual that defines the look of the figure in all forms, printed and as teddy bear. It is also publishers Egmont who have approved of Bamsefabrikkens Petzi costume, which initially is being used in Tivoli Copenhagen. But now, the rest of the world also have the opportunity to use these great costumes.


20. May 2010