Inflatable costumes

Inflatable costumes and mascots are fun and eyecatching! They can do tricks and movements like no other kind of costumes.

In the best kind of “Dancing with the Stars”-style, our producer of eyecatchers Peter Ibsens pulls out a few moves. And it is able to swallow objects in human size. Watch it in the our video!

Wearing an inflatable costume made for  Primo Tours the producer of eyecatchers showed how to bust a move in such a costume.

The inflatable costumes have an built-in fan, which constantly keeps the figure/costume inflated. Using the costume is comfortable with a lot of ventilation and room to move for the person inside.

But remember! A nice costume doesn’t assure succes – it’s the entertainer inside the costume, who provides personality and charisma.

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14. January 2015