Nuclear rocket wearing a giant condom

The Norwegian artist Morten Traavik in collaboration with Military Museum (Forsvarsmuseet) in Oslo take home the award for most distinctive and imaginative inquiry, Luftfabrikken has met so far: We want to cover a nuclear missile from 1966 with a giant condom! 

At Luftfabrikken, we do not fear a challenge, and we use the word “impossible” almost never, so we have been drawing, planning and calculating to meet the inquiry.

The final condom is 7.5 meters long and covers the missile from tail fins to the tip. “Normally, these large inflatable items for outdoor use are produced with built-in air supply to keep the structure upright, but it was a specific request from Traavik, that there could be no disruptive noise from a fan, and that he would not be dependent on electric power,” says owner of Luftfabrikken, Peter Ibsen. “We have therefore built the giant condom as a large beach toy, ie. an airtight construction with a valve. ”

This beach toy quality is more suitable for indoor use, but it can be used outdoors for a short time, and in an artistic installation such as this, it is very useful. The final giant condom was pulled over the nuclear rocket at a happening at the Military Museum at the sound of The Final Countdown – an event which attracted the Norwegian media in large numbers.

The giant condom is a great example of attracting lots of attention with just a great idea and a strong visual effect. Morten Traavik is employed by the Military Museum for a time as domestic artist with completely free hands. His works are a commentary on modern warfare. The project with the giant condom – also known as Long John – is calling for responsible conduct of war.

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20. May 2010