Nibe Festival has a newcomer – the pig as a mascot costume

The lovely rock pig with sunglasses, known and loved by every guest at Nibe Festival, has this year been given a whole new role: He is transformed into a giant mascot in the form of a mascot costume. The pig is already at home at Nibe Festival and spreads happy festival atmosphere

from when the first pegs are hammered into the ground until the last babbling festival guest is sent home safely.

The pig appeals to everyone with his little curly tail and his big happy face. All festival organizers know the importance of a general great mood among festival guests! That means fewer problems, more sales of food and beverage, and great concerts! And it means that people come back year after year. A festival mascot is great for bringing people together and spreading a good atmosphere by using his humor. When he dances into the festival square with his chubby pig”s body, most will follow and dance with him.

Bamsefabrikken has created this mascot for Nibe Festival on the basis of drawn illustrations of the existing mascot figure. The mascot figure is a pig derived from an original fresco in Nibe Church, which depicts a boar with a crossbow. The painting goes under the name “Little Fat One”, and it was used as a logo at the beginning of Nibe Festival. Therefore, the festival also went under the name “Little Fat One” (which also means “the little cool one” in danish), and the pig has been retained in the new mascot.

Below, you can see video of the mascot costume in use – first at Bamsefabrikken and since at Nibe Festival. We wish everyone a great festival!

If you want to know more about the mascot costumes, contact Bamsefabrikken on tel 45 4062 2927 or send an email at[email protected]

24. June 2010