Miniblue has left for Sweden

Now you can meet Miniblue, the funny mascot for swedish football club Malmö FF, at the stadium in Malmö, Sweden. Miniblue has traveled across the sea to his new home, and here he invites you to spectacular football parties for children and those young at heart!

Miniblue is made to communicate with children, and the little cloud is really good at this. He is full of fun and spreads a festive atmosphere, both on the football field and with the spectators.

Football clubs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, well, all over the world, each uses a mascot, because a mascot is a great way to gather players and fans and generate enthusiasm.

Miniblue is one of many mascots, which Bamsefabrikken sends out into the world every week. Costumes are high quality and with an integrated ventilation system, so the actor inside the costume feels comfortable, even when running and jumping.

We wish Miniblue well in his new home! He will be missed at Bamsefabrikken


20. May 2010