Karolinelund greets the new tivoli animals

Karolinelund Aalborg have welcomed new tivoli animals, fresh from production at Bamsefabrikken: Cute and fluffy teddy bears with friendly eyes and delicate colors.

In the old and inviting park, a bunch of funny tivoli animals are hiding, and occasionally jumps out to say hello to the audience, causing children to rejoice. New animals from Bamsefabrikken has come to join the flock of tivoli animals.

These cute and soft, fluffy animals with irresistible eyes will certainly be this season’s favorites among the smallest tivoli park guests.

The purpose of the tivoli animals is to create a comfortable atmosphere for the park’s smallest visitors. A visit at Karolinelund must be full of fun and games, adventure and entertainment, and the big bears are an important part of the tivoli experience. The bears are something, the children will remember and talk about for many days after, and it will probably also be cited, when the parents are planning their next family trip to Karolinelund.

Karolinelund is open only in the summer. Therefore it is important that the costumes are equipped with a ventilation system, so that people inside the costume are comfortable even at high temperatures. As always, Bamsefabrikken costumes are manufactured in quality materials, inside and outside.

Do you also need to communicate in level with children? Your are welcome to look at our products – we have plenty of inspiration for colorful and spectacular eye-catchers!


20. May 2010