Arches – inflatable

You probably already know the inflatable arches, which often are used for sports events such as races or marathons.

If you’ve arranged a race, you’ll know the challenge in finding a source of electricity to put up your inflatable arch. And then there’s the annoying noise, which the fan brings.

Our inflatable arches are closed units, which are inflated and then closed. Therefore the portal is completely silent after being inflated.

Our inflatable portals always look smooth and bloated in the surface – not curly like other arches on available.. Our standard shapes on inflatable arches are square with doglegs or curves.

The sizes are six, eight or ten metres wide. The inflatable arch on the picture is eight metres wide.

Your brand has to appear classy and sharp, when you want to reach people at a sommer sports event. We completely understand that. Contact us today on +45 4062 2927 or write us a mail at [email protected].

3. June 2013