News: A solution for both indoor and outdoor marketing

An inflatable arch and a advertising column. For opening a store or arranging af sports race. Our new, inflatable solution is full of opportunities, whether you want to draw attention outside or inside. 

Indoor og outdoor reklame for DeWalt

Here at Luftfabrikken we often sell inflatable arches with a advertising column – like a set of eyecatchers. But now you can get both of them in a single product. And it works indoor, outdoor – anywhere.

And of course we make our inflatable solution set in a unique design, which matches your companies choice of colour and design.

The column can draw attention on its own – and it can be combined with the inflatable arch. It gives width and possibilities, when combined. That way it works as a large inflatable arch for a marathon or another kind of race. Apart, the column can work with the pieces of the arch to highlight a booth or something els indoor.

And you don’t have to think about any noise. To make it usable indoor and outdoor marketing, it’s a closed unit. When it’s fully inflated, it’s completely silent.

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26. March 2015